Fibonacci Casino System in Roulette 

Most betting systems were created just to serve Roulette. Later as the gambling industry evolved, betting systems were adjusted to accommodate many other types of betting. Any player wants to adopt a betting system that benefits them greatly, improves the game and is profitable.

The Fibonacci system is known for many differences and quite famous in betting systems. Below is a detailed article on Fibonacci betting system


Brief History

Renowned Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci published the Book of Calculation in 1202, 12th century and became famous throughout Europe. The book described a series of numbers and it was later commonly used in betting. The Fibonacci betting system is made up of that.

Basics of the Fibonacci System

To understand this system, players need to understand the Fibonacci sequence. It begins with one and each of which is the sum of the previous two numbers. The numbers will form an ascending series according to this model. The sequence of numbers below will help readers visualize better:


Fibonacci is a negative progression system, and like other systems of the same type, players will have to increase the amount of bet after each loss and decrease when winning. The purpose of the betting system is that after a period of losing, when the player wins, they will receive compensation for the loss, and moreover, a profit.


How to Apply It in Roulette

Those who play outside bets and use even money will apply the Fibonacci betting system. According to the sequence mentioned above, each number in the series represents the amount of money that players bet on from time to time. Note that the player should memorize the sequence, so the playing process happens more smoothly.

In this system, the amount corresponding to a betting unit is not set. So the money is changed, and the player adjusts the amount at will, or to suit the bank account. Players start betting when placing exactly one betting unit. And during play, the player must place a bet amount corresponding to the number on the chain if losing.

Players must follow this model number until they win. The bet size is proportional to the number of losses. Suppose that in a round, the player loses 5 times, the next bet will increase by five betting units. If the player initially placed an amount that did not correspond to their ability, then the possibility will be exhausted before the end of the round.

If the player wins, the player needs to return two numbers to calculate the next bet amount. For example, after five betting units, the player wins, the sum of the two betting units will be equal to the next bet.

Pros & Cons

The Fibonacci betting system has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Pros: Players have the opportunity to increase winnings in a short time. Roulette players if applying this betting system increases the interest and attraction.

Cons: The operation plan of the betting system is quite complicated, novice or inexperienced players cannot apply. Once participating in the Fibonacci betting system, players need to carefully monitor the amount of money won and lost after each game, and need really good money management skills because it is easy to empty or heavy losses.

Final Thoughts

It can be said that this is the most complex betting system in the betting system. However, it is because of the complexity that brings the fun in the game. If the player knows the rules of the game, Fibonacci will definitely help players to bring profits.

Players need to watch carefully and watch the winning and losing rounds to control themselves to know when to stop the game, before the bank account is empty and the session has not ended. Fibonacci is the betting system that players need to have large amounts of money in the bank. Before coming to the betting system, players need to consider and understand the advantages and disadvantages to bring the best results.
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