How To Win When Playing  Football Betting?

Any player wagering wants to win back. Online Football betting is the sport of choice for most gamblers. It not only brings fun but also helps the player to have a large sum of money. If you are one of those who love football and love to bet, would you like to win the bet? This article is like the key to winning football betting.

The Preparation Before Playing Football Betting

Before learning about sports tips that help players win. First, you need to have a specific preparation for the online betting career. In order to be from a novice gambler to a gambler, it takes a long time for the player to take a long time. Here is a list of things that players need to do if they want to become a pro gambler: Players need to know the odds of the bookmakers' acceptance through two methods:

  • Using online software to find out and back up information from a player's laptop or cell phone.

  • You can also make a paper backup, if you don't want to save it on your computer.

Football has many different odds, players should keep a record of all the bets they can bet on. Usually, at least 1 day before the game, the longer the time, the better it is for players to analyze. 


Ways To Win Football Betting

To bet on a soccer match, players need to prepare 1 to 2 days in advance. Then select the appropriate markets, such as -1.0 handicap; -1.25; 1.5; 1.75. In the event that the odds are higher than 100, then ignore that market. And on that basis, the 1st half choice of Tai Xu door is 1; 1.25; 1.5 and winnings must be less than 100 if higher then ignored.

During betting preparation, players should regularly visit the online betting site to keep track of the odds. See if any issues have been changed. About 1 hour before the match, if there is a change in the handicap and the level, the player can change their decision promptly. Each day there are about 4 to 5 markets to bet and the winning rate of these markets is extremely high.


Place A Bet While The Bet Is Running

If the player wants to take the house advantage, sometimes the player needs to take the risk when betting. However, this is not a good way and players should not be risky when betting. When the match is about to take place, you need to immediately hit the Small market with a large amount of money, so when the match takes place, the Over will be placed.

The way to bet on football is Over 1.0 for money if the money is higher than 100 and greater than 0.75 when the money is higher than 80. Bet over 0.75 if the money is over 100 and over 0.5 then the bet is higher than 80. 5 when the payout is higher than 100.

Ways To Help You Always Win Soccer Bets

  • Only book 1 to 2 matches per day and should be the match you like. Holidays like Saturday and Sunday can be wagered because there are more options.

  • Every match has a chance, 50-50, players should not put all their money on the match, each match should only bet a small amount.

  • Do not bet on games with large handicaps. Remember, these matches are almost unpredictable.

  • Tournaments run by England, Italy, Champions League, EURO, Brazil, Japan, ... players should bet because it has a large scale, a high level of confidence.

  • If a match is in progress, don't bet on it, bet on a match that you already understand, thoroughly.

  • Should focus bets according to the original chasing odds.

  • Away handicap half left should choose home field.

  • An away goal has half an away goal, so choose away.

  • Limit playing on the half left (3/4) or 1.5 left (half left) because this style is difficult to guess.


Above are ways for those who love and love to bet football. If any players love can find out. However, choosing the bookmaker to bet football is also very important, if players are confused, they do not know which house to choose. is a very affordable proposition. This is a well-known online bookmaker in Singapore's online casino betting market. players not only can bet on football but also get a lot of excitement from many other betting disciplines.
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